Another Detroit-style coney opens outside Michigan

Detroit coney love continues to spread with the opening of Motor City Coney Island in Dallas.

Eater reports that the coney island opened in August with coneys, gyros, Philly cheese steaks, Reubens, burgers, coney island-style loose burgers and Greek salads.

Dallas’ Motor City Coney Island
is at 1300 Main Street.

It is in good company. It joins:
* Motor City Coney Island in Henderson, Nev. (profiled in “Coney Detroit)
* Coney Dog in Los Angeles
* Bobby’s Detroit Coney Island in La Quinta, Calif.
* Motor City Coney Island ATL in Stone Mountain, Ga.
* Detroit Coney Island, Kentucky

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2 thoughts on “Another Detroit-style coney opens outside Michigan

  1. I moved to raleigh north carolina in 1985! I opened Cloos’ Coney Island in January of 1988! I was one of the first to open a detroit style coney island outside of Detroit in the history of coney islands! We win all kinds of awards for best this and best that every single year! We have been featured on several tv shows and are very proud of what we do! We SHOULD BE THE FIRST CONEY ISLAND YOU MENTION IN THIS ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!! We have been flying are hot dogs and chili sauce in from detroit for more than 26 years! I have heard of other people that have tried to sell detroit coneys outside of Detroit and they have all failed! You have got to be good! It takes a lot more than coney sauce!!!!!!!!!!

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