A dozen photographers, led by Bobby Alcott and Ted Fines of EXPOSURE.Detroit, worked on Coney Detroit. Photographers in Florida and Massachusetts were brought in to help. Their varied approaches to photography give Coney Detroit its snap.

Bobby Alcott is an award-winning professional photographer based in Royal Oak, Michigan. Mostly known for his destination weddings, Bobby’s work has taken him around the globe and has appeared in books and magazines worldwide. Bobby is also the founder and chairman of EXPOSURE.Detroit, a not-for-profit photography club with almost two thousand members, and in 2010 was selected as one of Detroit’s Top Five Photographers for the second consecutive year. A graduate of Michigan State University, his life-long love of coneys led him to help photograph this project, which in turn has helped feed his soul — as well as his stomach.

Brian Blanco is a freelance photojournalist and commercial photographer in the Tampa Bay area. A self-proclaimed expert on cheap Florida motels, Brian enjoys mopeds, late-evening light, and any food that gets handed out of a window. He is a member of the team awarded the 2006 Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for Public Service for coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

Keith Burgess, born in Detroit in 1973, is a self-taught artist. Pursuing photography since the age of twenty-eight, he has won the Center for Railroad Photography and Art’s Creative Photography Gold Award in 2007 and 2009, and has been exhibited at the Alden B. Dow Museum of Art and Science in Midland, Michigan. Burgess strives to reveal the underlying emotion of what he describes as otherwise “everyday mundane objects.” The images in his series “Portrait of the American Landscape” and “Architecture of Decline” convey solitude, sadness, loss, and longing.

E. Terry Clark was born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan and lived in Ann Arbor for many years before moving to Traverse City in 1974. He retired from an architectural practice in 2002, got his first single-lens-reflex digital camera that year, and developed a very serious interest in photography. He spends most of his free time photographing northern Michigan along with his wife.

Ted Fines was born in Toronto, Canada, and currently resides in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Ted’s award-winning photography has been featured in books and magazines, as well as in several gallery shows since 2005. The Wayne State University graduate was an original member of EXPOSURE.Detroit.

Paul Hitzelberger is a Michigan-based freelance photographer dedicated to capturing images around the city of Detroit and the Midwest. Growing up in a family of avid recreational photographers unknowingly drew him to the hobby and love of the art. Paul has photographed many places in the Motor City that scream of its past and future, some rare, some obvious, but all with an unparalleled uniqueness and passion for Michigan and photography. You can see his work at

Brett J. Lawrence resides in Warren, Michigan. He is an artist by education, a graphic designer by trade, but it’s photography that he is most passionate about. A diehard fan of the true coney, he and his family have a tradition of eating coneys on Christmas Day in a Detroit diner. He challenges you to guess which one.

Eric Peoples is the founder of EPic Images, LLC, based in Royal Oak, Michigan, and in operation since 2008. Eric offers distinctive, professional portrait, fashion and glamor, wedding, and event photography. He is also a founding member of the
Detroit Studio Collective, a photography co-op comprised of several local working photographers. EPic Images can be found at

Christine Dunshee Peterson studied photography at Fitchburg State College under Peter Laytin and graduated in 1988. After college, she worked for a white-water rafting photo company in Maine, shooting stills and video of rafting enthusiasts. That gave way to a job at a weekly newspaper, then as a biomedical photographer at UMass Medical Center in the department of cell biology. After five years there, she landed at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Favorite assignments include wild animals, farming, live music, horses, car shows, children, theater, baseball — and neon.

Ryan Southen is a photographer living in metro Detroit who specializes in contemporary wedding photography as well as architectural photography. You can see his wedding work at

Spike has called Michigan home since the late ’90s. His photography has appeared in local art galleries, national magazines, and college textbooks. His other creative release is his day job: co-host of the Mojo in the Morning radio show on Channel 955 (WKQI-FM , 95.5). Spike likes his coney with chili and onion.

Rob Terwilliger is a wedding and portrait photographer with a studio in Royal Oak, Michigan. Since 2008 he has expanded his business to include motorsports, product, and lifestyle photography.

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