Chili bowl to the left, hot dogs grilling to the right.

Hot dogs grill in the window at Kalamazoo's Coney Island Lunch. Photo © Rob Terwilliger for Coney Detroit

You can’t have a coney dog without links, so here are a bunch of them.

Coney islands


American Coney Island

Detroit One Coney Island

Kerby’s Coney Island

Leo’s Coney Island

National Coney Island


Angelo’s Coney Island

Starlite Coney Island


Mama Vickie’s Coney Island

Michigan-themed coneys outside of Michigan

Luke’s Coney Island, St. Petersburg, FL

Hot dog places

The Corner Bar, Rockford, MI

House of Doggs, Traverse City

Tubby Dog, Calgary

Yesterdog, Grand Rapids

8 thoughts on “Links

  1. Born in Detroit..1945..grew up off Livernois..then 8 Mile and Telegraph.

    Went to American Coney past Sept…what an experience..

    In the meat business all my life…can you tell me who makes the all beef coney dogs for American and/or the Coney right next door.

    Want to try to sell the product to a grocery store chain in the South.

    • Hi, Greg. American and Lafayette dogs are made of beef and pork. A little more than a year ago, Lafayette switched from Winter’s Sausage and now both places buy their hot dogs from Dearborn Sausage.

      Joe Grimm

  2. Hi Joe,

    Great blog you’ve got here dedicated to the coney. For Halal-only eaters, are there any joints in Dearborn/Detroit that stand out as the best place to eat a Halal coney (Halal dog and sauce)? One that’s made with actual beef hearts?


    • There are a LOT of halal places in Dearborn. Give the choice (some places do that), I recommend halal. It all starts with a halal beef-only dog and carries through to the meat in the chili sauce. Beef heart is in many coney dogs, both halal and non-halal and see, seems to be a more popular ingredient in Flint-stye coneys.

  3. There is one in Indian Trail, NC owned and operated by Detroit natives called Omega Coney Island.

    They import their beef products, hot dogs and coney sauce from Detroit. An unassuming small diner outfit that nails omelets consistently as well. Nothing fancy, just good food and service and the only business that is located in the middle of a residential area of all places.

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