Coney island and hot dog recipes

Coney island and hot dog recipes, including recipes for chili dogs, are more popular than you might think. The chili sauce is the difference with coney island hot dogs. Call them what you will, hot dog, frankfurter, wiener recipes seem endless.

This is your online library of hot dog recipes and you’ll find some hot dog recipes with photos.

We have recipes for coney dogs, Chicago dogs, slaw dogs, Texas red hots, fire dogs and regional hot dogs. We also have recipes with hot dogs, such as the hot dog casserole. Then, there are hot dog variations such as recipes for the coney taco and the swanky franky.

Enjoy some new ways for making hot dogs for dinner and please, upload your favorite hot dog recipe to our forum and post a photo.

This is what we have in the works:

• Hot dog recipes
• Recipes made with hot dogs
• Coney island hot dog variations
• Hot dog themed party

5 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Been a Coney fan since my early days and nights at Lafayette Coney Island in the 1950s.

    Best late night stopping place in the city.

  2. I recently had a great coney experience outside of Michigan. As a Detroiter living in las Vegas now, I constantly miss a quick run to my local coney spot. However, we did discover Henderson Nevadas “Detroit motor city coney island”. What a joyful moment , an oasis in the desert. The chili is spot on, the dogs are Dearborn brand, and the decor doesn’t leave one guessing where they have been transported too. They have been on the coney enthusiasts radar and are celebrating six years of their business, and if they keep it up, I’m sure will see six more. –

    • Thanks I just moved to Vegas and my job is in Henderson – I am having Coney withdrawals!!!! The new Coney at the D (downtown LV) does not have breakfast or salads, a real let down.

  3. I was recently in Detroit and I came to your Farmers Market Zeffs I had the Mexican omelette with Chili on top. I live in Virginia the omelette was Deliscous is there anyway that I can have the recipe.

    Thank you.

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